Mike Corbus

Regional Director, TFM360

Mike’s career began a little over 30 years ago, working for the police department in the town where he still lives. In the space of 11 years, he rose in the ranks, culminating as a detective on a statewide drug task force and leader of his department’s SWAT team. His service helped him hone qualities that have served him well over a storied career, including discipline, commitment, and leadership in helping people achieve their goals. Since that time, he has found success owning his own business, and then leveraged the experience of growing a business to marketing physical natural gasoline as denaturant to our nation’s ethanol plants. These last several years, his focus has been the effective marketing of agricultural commodities like grains and cattle. Mike is honored to be in a role where he can help farmers find marketing success, grounded in the discipline and commitment that have been so critical to his career development.