Take the Stress Out of Your Marketing Strategy

No hedge account. No margin calls. Just comprehensive, common-sense guidance at a great value.

Personalized Recommendations

Get advice over three crop years (last year, this year, next), customized to fit your operation. Your TFM Cash+ consultant will help you craft and follow the right strategy – how much crop to sell, when, and which tool to use. Then you can work through your local buyers of choice for contracting and delivery.  Personalized recommendations are provided by Stewart-Peterson Group Inc.

Disciplined Approach

At Total Farm Marketing, we believe that the best strategy does not rely on emotion or outlook. To minimize risk and optimize opportunities, you have to be ready for both the expected and the unexpected. That’s how you stay in position to protect your livelihood over the long term.  A disciplined approach is provided by Stewart-Peterson Inc.

Your Terms. Your Goals. For Only $299 Per Month

Connect with us in the way that fits your needs: Email, website, and app updates three times daily, a comprehensive weekly strategy email, and special alerts as markets dictate.  Enjoy a monthly fee with no commitment, and continue as long as you value our recommendations.  The comprehensive services are a service of Stewart-Peterson Inc.

TFM Cash+ Customers Enjoy

Access to a team of advisors who are ready to take your call. We’re a professional sounding board to strengthen your grain marketing. Our advisors will proactively call you as well. Advice on customizing the recommendations, where necessary, to best fit your operation. Advice on how to manage basis, when to lock it and when to wait. Guidance and explanations of what strategy is best, why it is best, and what fits your personal situation.