TFM Midday Update 8-3-20


  • September up 0.005 @ 3.165, December up 0.0025 @ 3.2725, March up 0.0025 @ 3.385
  • Nonthreatening weather forecasts are increasing chances for above trend line yield
  • Chinese government sold over 4mmt of corn last week at auction
  • Strong China demand for US corn is expected to persist
  • December corn is trying to stabilize near recent lows
  • Prices have already fallen back towards the middle of the day’s range so far
  • Oversold stochastics


  • August down 0.0125 @ 8.9625, September up 0.0225 @ 8.925, November up 0.035 @ 8.96
  • Palm oil futures had their biggest monthly gain in July since September 2015
  • Lack of threatening forecasts for August could bring yields above trend line
  • Better than expected US biodiesel demand in May
  • November beans have pushed through the 10 and 20-day moving average resistance levels but have fallen well off the session highs
  • Trend higher may still be intact


  • September CHI down 0.095 @ 5.2175, September KC down 0.1225 @ 4.3025, September MPLS down 0.0725 @ 5.0675
  • Talk of extremely high yields in Russia
  • US has been selling wheat to Brazil lately due to poor conditions in Argentina
  • US dollar is trying to stabilize
  • Winter wheat futures gapped lower this morning
  • CHI futures fell through the 100-day moving average support
  • KC futures are trading below the lower Bollinger Band resistance level
  • Spring wheat futures are testing contract lows


  • August lives down 0.12 @ 102.70, October lives down 0.10 @ 107.80, December lives up 0.05 @ 111.60
  • August feeders down 0.05 @ 144.62, September feeders up 0.07 @ 146.30
  • Beef values are starting to creep higher, cash cattle prices rallied into the end of last week
  • Slaughter numbers coming in near year-ago levels which is missing expectations and mitigating some excess beef production due to heavy weights
  • Live cattle futures are trading in quiet, two-way ranges above the 200-day moving average
  • Feeder markets are also trading near Friday’s closes


  • August hogs down 2.00 @ 50.00, October hogs down 1.32 @ 48.30, December hogs down 0.55 @ 49.82
  • Pork values trending lower, cash Index may have made a near term top
  • October hogs are trading at a much tighter discount to cash than the normal seasonal tendency
  • Pork production last week was up 8.4% from the same week last year
  • August hogs are trading at their lowest levels today since July 15


Kelly Rubisch

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