TFM Perspective 11-26-2021

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Total Farm Marketing!
Friday, November 26: The CME closes at noon, and Total Farm Marketing offices close at 1:00.




Once again it is that time of year where we reflect on our blessings and give thanks for all we have. It is also time to rest and remember all the good things that have allowed us to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday. Spending time with family is cherished since a fall filled with long hours often leaves little time to spend with those who are most important to us. A year ago, most of us probably thought the pandemic would be behind us. A vaccine and heightened awareness to help manage the spread of Covid has been noted, yet it is still in full force. Nonetheless, farmers continue to move forward, feeding the world. The world is grateful for all your efforts.

We appreciate and thank you for being a subscriber to Top Farmer Intelligence, allowing us into your home on a regular basis. Our goal is to provide excellent content, ideas, and recommendations. We cherish and honor the opportunity to continue to serve you. The year ahead looks promising for agriculture. The world will continue to demand U.S. products. We wish you the best of luck!

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Bryan Doherty

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