Total Farm Marketing Extends Approach to Farm Revenue Protection & Management with New Customer Portal

The TFM Customer Portal is a powerful extension of TFM’s mission in delivering customized marketing strategies for farmers

WEST BEND, WI – Total Farm Marketing by Stewart-Peterson, a firm delivering farm marketing solutions for over 35 years, announces the launch of its TFM Customer Portal, a secure online hub providing clients with interactive farm marketing data, including personalized key positions, models, insights and resources designed to optimize marketing strategies.

The Total Farm Marketing (TFM) service divisions include agricultural cash and hedging services, research, and insurance for dairy. Developed within a robust infrastructure, the Customer Portal is an extension of TFM’s holistic approach in creating customized marketing strategies for farmers to manage risk and help build favorable average crop price and represents a significant technology investment to enhance the customer experience.

Within the Customer Portal, TFM360 grain and dairy services clients can view and update data critical to their personalized farm marketing strategies, including year-over-year crop marketing comparisons, weighted average prices, and cash and hedging positions.

“Our purpose is to help farmers achieve revenue goals and protect what they value most: their family, their operation, and their legacy,” comments Christian Walters, President of TFM. “Catering to the next generation of farmers means delivering the next generation of fintech tools accessible from the field. The TFM Customer Portal helps mitigate market uncertainty and provides strategic clarity and peace of mind.”

TFM clients can view futures and options positions, view updates to their marketing plan, and see how their plans compare to the TFM Model Farm position. Grain clients can input cash sales and dairy clients can input plant contracts as well as track Dairy Revenue Protection (D-RP) endorsements.

Additionally, clients can access TFM’s market commentary, strategy videos, basis information, D-RP Playbook (dairy) insight, TFM360 weekly dairy, grain and oilseed, feed and livestock reports, as well as commodity futures market news, weather charts, government reports, and more.

TFM360 clients can log into the TFM Customer Portal at


About Total Farm Marketing by Stewart-Peterson

Total Farm Marketing by Stewart-Peterson and its family of companies provide commodity consulting and marketing services, and risk management services for clients nationwide. Since 1985, we have helped clients develop a strategic, consistent and disciplined approach to farm marketing, preparing them for whatever the market may do.

TFM360 includes services from TFM Consulting and TFM Analytics. TFM Consulting and TFM Brokerage Solutions are services of Stewart-Peterson Group Inc., registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) as an introducing broker and is a member of National Futures Association. TFM Analytics, TFM Intelligence Solutions, D-RP Playbook, and TFM PriceProducer are services of Stewart-Peterson Inc., a publishing company. SP Risk Services LLC is an insurance agency.




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