Lunch & Learn: Dairy Revenue Protection Insurance (D-RP): The Top 5 Things to Know

Join us for key information on Dairy Revenue Protection Insurance (D-RP) and answers to the Top 5 questions we receive about D-RP. D-RP professionals from SP Risk Services, an insurance agency from Total Farm Marketing, will take 30 minutes to discuss:

1. What is D-RP and why is it so popular?
2. What is a protection factor and how do you use it?
3. Should I be using the class or component pricing method?
4. How much of my production should I cover?
5. Is the timing of the insurance critical?

Presented by Adam Betancourt, TFM360 Commodity Consultant with special emphasis on the Dairy markets. Adam will end with examples of the insurance coverage recommendations from Total Farm Marketing’s flagship service, TFM360, over the past three quarters for illustrative purposes.

If you are a dairy producer using D-RP, or thinking about D-RP, this webinar will be beneficial to you and your operation.

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