Managing Revenue for Dairy Producers: Top 5 Things for Dairy Farms to Think About Heading into 2021

Join us for an update on the dairy markets and then a dive into five areas we feel dairy operations should sit down and evaluate as we head into the new year. Some talking points may simply serve as a gut check on a familiar subject, while others may offer a complete shift in your thought process.

In this webinar, you will learn about key fundamental and technical updates for milk prices, various spot markets (cheese, butter, etc.), as well as some feed markets. Secondly, we will go through five areas we think would be helpful for dairies to either take the time to revisit or shift their mentality entirely.

Whether you have joined us for recent webinars or have never heard of Total Farm Marketing before, anyone involved in the world of dairy knows just how volatile and crazy 2020 has been. The year 2021 is almost upon us, and often people use New Year’s as a time to either revisit their current trajectory or set new goals. This webinar is meant to help you navigate this action with your dairy operation in mind and give you an idea on the philosophies TFM uses in their marketing approach.

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