Revealing a New Approach to Farm Marketing Solutions

We’ve recently announced a new farmer-focused initiative to incorporate our suite of services under the newly minted name Total Farm Marketing (TFM) by Stewart-Peterson.

TFM will still cater to farmers interested in long-term revenue protection and farm marketing guidance. Cash and hedging advisory services will continue to be provided through our solutions suite. These include:

TFM Consulting provides an all-inclusive approach by creating customized marketing strategies for farmers to manage risk and help build favorable average crop price. The TFM Consulting team works one-on-one with each farmer’s cash sales and hedging recommendations that align with the farmer’s price goals. In addition, our recent collaboration with Indigo Ag also offers farmers the flexibility to execute cash decisions with the help of a TFM consultant.

Also included in the TFM solutions suite is thDairy Revenue Protection Insurance (D-RP) services, which provide farmers with comprehensive guidance for the protection of annual dairy revenue through a unique market timing and pricing approach.

Building upon Stewart-Peterson’s prior research, TFM Intelligence Solutions offers research, insight, and reports, which include:

Farmers can subscribe directly or sign up for a free trial of daily market updates. Soon clients will be able to access their information via a mobile app that’s slated to launch in November 2019.

If you would like to read the full press release about our new approach to farm marketing solutions, click here. 



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